VBA: Have Option Explicit be Automatically Added


VBA allows you to adopt a few lazy habits that can come back to haunt you later on. One of these is not needing to declare your variables prior to using them. Since VBA requires variables to have a type this leads to possible type confusion (you attempt to store the wrong type of value into a variable) and code that is more difficult to read.

Adding Option Explicit to the top of your modules forces you to declare your variables (the IDE will prompt you when you forget). You can set-up the IDE to automatically add this option so you don’t forget.

In the VBA IDE go to Tools > Options

Ensure that Require Variable Declaration is checked. All new workbooks and modules will have Option Explicit added.

Note: Your existing workbooks will not have Option Explicit added automatically. You will need to add it in manually (and fix up any missing declarations).

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Slow down to speed up


We’re in the middle of a cold spell here in Ontario and the roads are slick with slush. Driving home from work my car was having trouble making it up a hill. With other anxious drivers behind me and me being stuck going 20 kph my gut reaction was to push harder on the gas. If you live in frosty regions, you’ll know that only makes it worse. The best option is to let up on the gas, let the wheel’s catch and start again.

Ease up. Get your bearings. Slow down to speed up.

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New Peer2Peer Group for Web Developers!


Are you a web developer in KW? Then come and join us for the first Peer2Peer session September 12 (12:00-1:30) at Communitech. Here’s the official blurb:

Topics: Bootstrap & AngularJS
Speakers: Aren Patel, Web Developer at Google (formerly BufferBox) & Jared Bydeley, Software Developer at Agfa Healthcare

This session will explore two explosively popular frameworks in web development today, and how they interconnect with each other. Bootstrap is a web framework, developed by Twitter, that provides a standardized, intuitive, cross-browser experience for most web content. AngularJS is an MVC and application framework for JavaScript, developed by Google, that provides a rich, extensible platform to connect the front-end Bootstrap to back-end services and beyond.

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